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# NAME Mojo::Transaction::HTTP::Role::Mechanize - Mechanize Mojo a little # SYNOPSIS use Mojo::UserAgent; use Mojo::Transaction::HTTP::Role::Mechanize; my $ua = Mojo::UserAgent->new; my $tx = $ua->get('/')->with_roles('+Mechanize'); # call submit immediately my $submit_tx = $tx->submit('#submit-id', username => 'fry'); $ua->start($submit_tx); # first extract form values my $values = $tx->extract_forms->first->val; $submit_tx = $tx->submit('#submit-id', counter => $values->{counter} + 3); $ua->start($submit_tx); # DESCRIPTION [Role::Tiny]( based role to compose a form submission _"trait"_ into [Mojo::Transaction::HTTP]( # METHODS [Mojo::Transaction::HTTP::Role::Mechanize]( implements the following method. ## extract\_forms $collection = $tx->extract_forms; Returns a [Mojo::Collection]( of [Mojo::DOM]( elements with activated [Mojo::DOM::Role::Form]( that contains all the forms of the page. ## submit # result using selector $submit_tx = $tx->submit('#id', username => 'fry'); # result without selector using default submission $submit_tx = $tx->submit(username => 'fry'); # passing hash, rather than list, of values $submit_tx = $tx->submit({username => 'fry'}); # passing hash, rather than list, of values and a selector $submit_tx = $tx->submit('#id', {username => 'fry'}); Build a new [Mojo::Transaction::HTTP]( object with ["tx" in Mojo::UserAgent::Transactor]( and the contents of the `form` with the `$id` and merged values. If no selector is given, the first non-disabled button or appropriate input element (of type button, submit, or image) will be used for the submission. # AUTHOR kiwiroy - Roy Storey `` # CONTRIBUTORS tekki - Rolf Stöckli `` lindleyw - William Lindley `` # LICENSE This library is free software and may be distributed under the same terms as perl itself. # SEE ALSO [Mojo::DOM::Role::Form](, [Mojolicious](